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<3 Flitcher - Flamefreak and The Stitcher <3

Stitcher And Flamefreak Lol By Squishykitt-d7tkw42 by xArachnoFreakx :

Hurt Dem And I Will Kick Yo Booty òvó

I <3 U gif
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bananas are a good source of potassium :3
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Tell me a short horror story~ eue I need inspiration for le next gore art... 

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CP OC Interview - Flamefreak

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 27, 2014, 5:12 PM

Tagged by ma lovely :iconxeniastar:


1: Choose one of your Creepypasta Original Characters.
2: Your oc must tell the truth.
3: Make the name of the Journal CP OC Interview: (OC Name).
4: If you wish to say something to the oc put you name there or if to reader put it in brackets ()
5: you can change the interview to make the interviewer respond to your oc so change it as much as you wish just be sure to mark edited responses with *
6: When your done you can tag people or put "who ever wants to" as the tag.
7: Remember to have fun

hello come in please have a seat, so welcome to the interview shall we begin :) (Smile)
Flamefreak: Hello there~

1) What is your Full Name?
FF: Kenneth Dawnson eue

2) Are you known by any other names?
FF: Hmmm... Of course I´m mostly known as Flamefreak, awesome right?

3) Is this your first Interview?
FF: Hmmm... there was a Drunk Interview thingy but my creator forgot it(?)
Arachno: Yeah... swwy I forgot it ;A; I will do it soon ;.;
FF: Let´s all hope you don´t forget it Again after 5min
Arachno: stfu ene

4) What is your kill count?
FF: *thinks*
*15 seconds later* Maybe more than 50-60...
I actually don´t count them e3e

5) What are you good at?
FF: HAH! No one can burn people like I do 8D
Arachno: Anything else? *3*
FF: ...?.... Oooohhhh yeah~ Pleasuring Stitch-
Arachno: Dafaqdude?! I meant you´re also good at cooking.... BI

6) Do you have a goal in life
FF: Does burning a whole forest in few seconds count?
BW: If you want to be killed by me >:I
FF: Dafaq U Doing Here?! OAo
Bw: Just walking by e.e
FF: Oh... Now get away, I´m being interviewed >:v
BW: Fine, whatever you say... *walks away*

7) Do you have any overwhelming weaknesses?
FF: I do hav-
Arachno: His fire ability weakens when he´s soaked in Water.
FF: I was about to say it... TTnTT
Arachno: HAH! :XD:

8) What is your biggest fear?
FF: Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing.
     Amaxophobia - Fear of driving cars and Bibliophobia- Fear of books....
     Okay, the last one was a joke.... x´D I just hate them...

9) Do you know your creator?
FF: Of course I do, without her, I won´t even be here...
Arachno: Yes and that´s obvious.

if yes) do you like your creator?
FF: Yes, we often go to the pub uwu
Arachno: Aaand he pays *w*
FF: That´s the only thing I hate about you e3é
Arachno: I don´t care~ :XD:

10) Do you know about Slender man or Zalgo? 
FF: Heh, who don´t know about these two...
I´m always loyal towards Skinnyboo- Slenderman...
and I know Zalgo just by name but I don´t hate him as most of the Proxies do...
Idk why he´s hated by Proxies :I
Ok how about we ask a few personal questions Now, First something easy

11) What is your favorite color?
FF: Hmmm.... Hard to answer...
Yellow, red and grey.

12) Do you have any siblings, family or friends?
FF: I don´t know my real parents or if I had siblings...
I have good friends :´D

13) Do you have a Girl Friend/Boy Friend?
FF: The Stitcher~<3 He´s mine and only mine, if I see anyone hitting on him, will be barbercued on the spot >:I
Arachno: Yeah, we all know that eué

if yes) have you kissed before?
FF: *perv smirk* More than that~

14) What is your fravorite form of killing?
FF: The scent of half-burnt corpse on the ground, still burning, when their skin is mostly burned to dark brown and black...
*sighs while smiling*
Yes, burning people to death is my fav form of killing~ 

15) what is your darkest secret?
FF: Strip if ya wanna know eué

16) Do you drink coffee?
FF: Coffee? In the morning but I really don´t like the taste...

if yes) would you like a coffee?
FF: *suspicious* You didn´t put anything in the coffee... right? e-é

17) What is your favorite food?
FF: Well, there´s lots of food that I like... but I love Curry Rice

18) Did you finnish school?
FF: Ehhh... I was done with school when I was younger... but I recently got into Proxy High uwú

if no) what grade did you get to?
FF: Cant really remember...

19) What is your favorite place to relax
FF: The woods but Black Wolf keeps throwing me away ;A;
But anywhere is fine when I´m with Stitcher
BW: That´s because you´re plotting something evil ene
FF: *nervously looks away*

20) What do you do in your spare time
FF: Burning stuff and being with Stitcher *whispers* look at number 13... 

well that's the end of the interview sorry for the abrupt end but i just realised my drink had cyonide in it*dead*
FF: Dafq just happened...? Well, better burn the corpse 8´D
Arachno: OAO"
*voice in your head*
now to diside wether to tag people or not so lego!

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Tell me your fav :v

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True Friend

~Daft Punk~

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I think that´s enough stamps for today ^^"

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Thanks :3

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Also, requests are for only close friends C`:

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